Thin and weak: those with thin hair think they have very little hair, in reality this is not the case. Fine hair having a thickness of 0.05 mm less than normal hair makes the hair appear more empty and poor. We have tips for thin hair care.

Interesting news about thin hair

  • Scalp: with a balanced scalp, fine hair seems thicker while with oily scalp the hair tends to join together making the scalp shine through.
  • The structure: fine hair is about 0.05mm thinner than normal hair. Out of a total of around 150,000 hairs, this makes a visible difference.
  • Aid from nature: the tannins contained in the Henna plant help fine hair to be stronger and voluminous.

Useful tips for those with fine hair

The shampoo must be mild preferably without SLES, SLS and silicones suitable for frequent washing. Wash your hair 2/3 times a week by rubbing directly on the scalp and not too much hair avoiding to make a lot of foam. Use a little shampoo evenly distributing it over the whole head, massage with your fingertips and with gentle rotating movements, rinse thoroughly with water that is not too hot. Repeat the shampoo for a second time only if necessary.